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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Kill Yodoshi Vol 1. Xena & Gabrielle Their Last Battleground

A revised for HD Xena featurette reimaging presented under the auspices of The Fair Usage Copyright Act. (May 30, 2007) This video uses material in a manner that does not violate the copyright holder as It is a fair use video presented under the Short Film, Performing Arts, Student, Visual Media, and Humanities section, "Fair Use" is especially important to protect use's a copyright holder may not even approve of, such as criticism, parodies or as here shown for informative or educational purposes only.
See Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, 510 US 569 (1994)
Most recent FUCA Case Law.

Amy Marie Jennings

A Statement of Good Faith - I have a good faith belief that this video is not in any way intentionally abusing YOU TUBE criteria provided in it's Terms of Service.

No copyright infringement is presented, intended or implied. The material contained herein is the property of the specific creators and copyright holders of Xena Warrior Princess at Universal Studios of this finely crafted production presented here of a Darwin Entertainment (usa) film. Please contact them for any further information on this video.Thank you all so very much for your ongoing support of Xena in our efforts for her and Gabrielle's Return!

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