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Friday, 30 January 2009

"For the love of David" - A Dark Shadows Tribute to David Henesy

From the "You Tube" site and it's description of this fine young talented video makers work placed here with her permission:

"A tribute to fan favourite David Henesy featured video at last!, one with an angle to "all the terror tots" good at heart, Amy, or Hallie, mostly or in one case not, perhaps, and also guest "fave" Barnabas Collins own Jonathan Frid is featured on this David centred video!

"For the love of David" ...hope you find will this to be both fun and scary, and silly and loving, and shockingly brazen!, "My!.. such language from a "fiend" of his from "The good son!" also I used a small snippet of a clip of my a youtube associate VictoriaWinters1991 from one of her excellent video's, with David featured with Hallie, thank you VW1991.

More importantly I TRIED to made the video look and feel like if they had YT videos in the late 1960's, by editing in some surprisingly cool songs from those olden times, in just the right places, maybe people will all look on it w/the love and appreciation attempt that I tried in my first real DS vid beyond a school-girl crush", but that's okay even if you do.
b-cuz I will always love David "Collins" Henesy and his wonderous show forever...."

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