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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Robert Kennedy Tribute - 2

Video Clips of the great Robert Kennedy along with the song "If I had a hammer" by the American folk group Peter, Paul and Mary.
A Robert Kennedy Tribute film short, Now coming up on 40 years since he was slain by the lost soul Sirhan Sirhan, a young misguided Palestinian who did not understand all the good Bobby was trying to do, and how Bobby was going to change the world for the better for all of us, everywhere, and not just the USA, if he had lived to become The American President, and like his brother John, and African American peace activist Martin Luther King Jr, they were all great men, human beings wasted and taken before their time, much to our eternal sorrow as human beings, such men, such good leaders, such good people rarely come along in this world with such a promise of hope!

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  1. thank you for this moving video tribute to RFK!

    Jeff Luiz

    Panama City Panama