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Friday, 3 June 2005

The Wikipedea Hall of Shame Proudly Presents!!...Colonel Green!

Colonel Green is a character in the fictional Star Trek universe. He is introduced in the antipenultimate episode "The Savage Curtain"!

In the 2260s, Captain James T. Kirk and Spock find themselves battling duplicates of several of the most evil and brutal dictators from throughout time and space. Among these individuals is Colonel Green, who is said to have led a genocidal war on Earth in the mid-21st century and whose actions led to the deaths of millions of people. No further details about this war are given, although the Green re-creation expresses the originals ideas about the rules of warfare (he is reluctant to negotiate with anyone, except where it might personally benefit him). Also, Kirk and Spock point out that Green was fond of turning against his own allies whenever it suited him, and that he tended to strike at his enemies in the midst of conducting treaty negotiations.


Green was noted as a major historical figure centuries after his crimes.

* "Overwhelm and devastate." (Original and Excalbian duplicate)
* "We must reject the impure and cast it out."
* "This is not a time for timidity and second guessing. We cannot afford to doubt ourselves."
* "To be human is to be pure."
* "Men don't talk peace unless they're ready to back it up with war." (Excalbian duplicate)
* "History tends to exaggerate." (Excalbian clone quotes.)

Colonel Green was portrayed by Philip Pine in his role as in "The Savage Curtain" Star Trek episode which aired on friday March 7th 1969 on N.B.C. at 10:00 P.M. (e.s.t)

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